Design and Marketing

Self-promotion Cards & Mailers

A selection of self-promotion pieces that have been used as direct mail and leave-behind cards. The most recent card plays on the character and creative portrait work that I love doing and a fun "quote" from the character. The previous series of cards featured taglines that were intended to not only be attention grabbing and a fit to the photo, but also things that were personally motivating as well.

The designs varied and evolved, with the most notable being contact info being placed on both sides of the pieces in the event that they were pinned to a wall or mood board by creative/art directors, editors or an agency.

Congratulatory Advertisements

Following state championships by local high school basketball teams, some businesses chose to run display ads congratulating the student athletes. It was a challenge to come up different ways of saying "congratulations", but I worked with several different businesses on creative ads that would set them apart and also try to include something about their industry. Accounting isn't the most fun thing to create advertising for, but the office and many readers loved the 26-0 ad.

The Hub — Bike Shop Campaign & Magazine Ads

The Hub is a small, local bike shop that also carries accessories as well as gear for other outdoor activities including disc golf, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, snowshoeing and more. They also went through a few changes in ownership, making it a challenge to continue a look for the advertising. We were able to come up with a consistent look for the shop using shape, fonts, and message whether they were promoting a sale or theme. I also developed a unique color palette for their magazine advertising based of the primary color in the logo, orange.

Mountain Spirits Wine & Liquor

Mountain Spirits Wine & Liquor is the largest liquor store in the county and rarely advertised with their prime location and long standing in the community. They would run ads prior to holidays to announce specials. When they placed an ad for Father's Day that included a lot of copy I took the time to redesign the look and feel of their ads to modern twist on western style. The sale was an enormous success and so successful that the out-of-town owner sent me a personal thank you. We carried the look into several other subsequent advertisements including their food-drive promotions that also had sales far beyond their expectations.

The Wildflower

The Wildflower was a new flower shop that embraced modern, simple and clean design that was focused on one thing at a time and usually had that planned out well in advance. On larger holidays and busier times we would open use spot color to pull people's eyes to their ad in a sea of black and white images and text.

Various Ad Designs

Above is a selection of other ad designs from a variety or businesses, interest groups and organizations. They show a little bit of my theory on using contrast, color, negative space and more.


Election Info-graphic

Most of the time reviewing data, or in this case results from an election, can be boring and tedious as blocks of text. Sometimes people are searching for specific information only or to get an idea about the overall results quickly. I was able to work with the editorial department and the town clerk to create an info-graphic that contained the results for a mayoral race, three council seats and three ballot issues. For people familiar with the election it provided a quick glimpse of the outcome and the story included more detailed information and synopsis.

Special Championship Section — Design & Photography

I photographed the local high-school basketball teams throughout their season and traveled to the state playoffs to shoot the games for the girls' team after their undefeated regular season. After they captured the first state-title for girls' sports in the school's history the outpouring of support and number of congratulatory ads created a demand for an entire section devoted to the accomplishment.  I was tasked with creating not only many of the advertisements, but also the layout of the section using my photography and stories from the staff in just a few hours. The section was a major success and boosted sales of the issue beyond expectations.

Old Town Market

Old Town Market is a small organic grocer and deli that opened in the downtown area of Pagosa Springs after the larger grocery store, City Market, closed and left the area with just one store at the time. Much of their marketing when opening was very clean and modern but didn't fit the identity of the store, something they struggled with for quite some time, caught somewhere between a restaurant and "organic grocery convenience store."

I worked with them to create a retro-modern look inspired by early 1900's posters and advertisements, while also incorporating the uniqueness of the business and modern role in the community. The ads were successful in building their customer base and awareness in the area of what role they were filling in the marketplace.

Happy Trails Ladies Boutique

Happy Trails Ladies Boutique was an unique account to take over and work on. The owner was successful in direct-mail promotions but struggled somewhat in identity with print advertising. They often succumbed to the familiar pitfall of most small businesses, trying to show and tell everything they do in every advertisement. Most of the time their ads were cluttered and didn't work as well as other things that they did.

After some time working and consulting with the owner I helped them focus their vision, and using what resources they had from clothing brands, designed pieces that featured far fewer, but much more impactful, images. Instead of using photos from multiple brands we focused on one each time to help the ads look more professional and consistent.

I visited them the day after the first color magazine ad we redesigned and found out they had sold enough clothing as a response from it in the first morning it was out to pay for the ad itself.

Bear Creek Saloon & Grill

The Bear Creek Saloon and Grill was an interesting account to work with. The owner was open to new ideas when I presented them and together we came up with ads that couldn't help making people look twice. Known for their large portions and amazing burgers, a hugely successful series of magazine ads included taking photos of the burgers cut in half to show off all of the things that were included. Through that series I even created a burger that they kept as a special once a week.