My job is to make you look good.

My name is Michael Pierce. When I'm not photographing amazing places, people and the things they are creating, I work as a commercial photographer focused on sports, lifestyle and the intersection of the two.

I spent the summer of 2015 as a contracted team photographer for the Colorado Rockies baseball team and I’m currently based out of Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Through my degree in marketing, I understand the importance of creating an emotional connection between a brand and its consumer. I strive to create that with the images I make, whether it is for the latest in outdoor gear or next to an article revealing the story behind my subject.

I’m constantly growing, learning and refining my craft and vision. I’m lucky to have worked with and learned from some of the best working photographers today. With each experience I add more tools that I can ultimately draw on to solve problems or create unique images.

I would love to hear about your next project, how I can be a part of creating something special and to make you look good doing it.